Stellarium 0.18.2 (32-bit) 2018 Free Download

Stellarium 0.18.2 (32-bit) 2018 Free Download . Review - Investigate the Universe and find out about planets, groups of stars and other divine protests in a fun, instructive and intelligent 3D condition.
Stellarium 0.18.2 (32-bit) 2018 Free Download
Stellarium 0.18.2 (32-bit)

Stellarium 0.18.2 (32-bit) 2018 Free Download

Stellarium is a far reaching utility that enables clients to investigate planets and star groupings in a 3D domain. This open-source planetarium gives you insights about divine articles, recreates sun based and lunar obscurations, and presentations Messier items and the Milky Way.

Intelligent 3D condition for divine investigation

When you run the application, it opens in full screen mode. With only a single tick on the sky, you can get insights about the pointed question, to be specific compose (e.g. star, twofold star, group related with nebulosity), greatness, galactic longitude and scope, parallax, separate, ghastly write, and edge.

Round out data to look at particular articles

The items can be seen with the utilization of a telescope, which can be arranged regarding name, central length and measurement. Also, you can pick an area on the guide and select the scope, longitude, height and nation to hop to it.

Look at past heavenly bodies effortlessly

An intriguing element offered by this program is the likelihood to movement back in time and see the groups of stars' positions and different subtle elements on the sky. You just need to set the date and time in the committed exchanges, and Stellarium consequently produces projections from that period.

Show or shroud particular articles

Moreover, you can alter the Milky Way splendor and influence the program to demonstrate the climate, meteorites and planet circles, and view data about the divine circle (e.g. tropical lattice, cardinal focuses, Azimuthal matrix).

Stellarium enables clients to choose the projection mode (angle eye, chamber, Mercator), see scenes from various world areas and include new ones from ZIP chronicles, and find out about various sky societies.

Fall back on convenient devices

You can perform scans for discovering objects on the sky, explore all through the 3D condition with the utilization of console alternate routes (which can be reassigned) or the mouse, flip amongst daytime and evening, empower the visual survey mode, and view profound sky objects.


With everything taken into account, Stellarium offers astounding picture quality and a pack of highlights that make it a perfect apparatus for a wide range of clients sufficiently inquisitive to discover more data about groups of stars and other divine items.

It demonstrates a sensible sky in 3D, much the same as what you see with the bare eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being utilized as a part of planetarium projectors. Simply set your directions and go. Highlights of Stellarium:


  • Default index of more than 600,000 stars
  • Additional indexes with in excess of 210 million stars
  • Asterisms and outlines of the groups of stars
  • Heavenly bodies for twelve unique societies
  • Pictures of nebulae (full Messier index)
  • Reasonable Milky Way
  • Extremely reasonable air, dawn and dusk
  • The planets and their satellites


  • A great zoom
  • Time control
  • Multilingual interface
  • Fisheye projection for planetarium vaults
  • Spheric mirror projection for your own particular minimal effort vault
  • All new graphical interface and broad console control
  • Telescope control


  • Central and azimuthal networks
  • Star twinkling
  • Meteorites
  • Shroud reenactment
  • Supernovae reproduction
  • Skinnable scenes, now with spheric display projection


  • Module framework including artifical satellites, visual reproduction, telescope design and the sky is the limit from there
  • Capacity to include new close planetary system objects from online assets...
  • Include your own profound sky objects, scenes, star grouping pictures, contents...

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Stellarium 0.18.2 (32-bit) 2018 Free Download

OS : Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Vista
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