Slimjet (64-bit) 2018 Free Download

Slimjet (64-bit) 2018 Free Download . Review - Scrutinize the Internet by setting off to your most adored destinations or downloading favored substance as a result of this Chromium-based, incorporate squeezed program. To examine the Internet without issues, you require a strong web program that can empower you to get to any webpage or download the substance that you please.
Slimjet (64-bit) 2018 Free Download
Slimjet (64-bit)

Slimjet (64-bit) 2018 Free Download

Slimjet is such an application, to the point that empowers you to surf the Internet without effort.

Advantageous and natural web program

With the help of the application, you can scrutinize the Internet at whatever point you please. You can get to any of your most adored destinations or download your most cherished archives effectively. The application can in like manner empower you to scrutinize the Internet faster and more secure, or perform diverse exercises more straightforward, for instance, record exchange.

Additionally, you can use the program to download chronicles or MP3 archives from YouTube, by basically using their association. In this way, you can get to particular reports that would conventionally require specific programming.

Attempted and genuine web examining application

By using Slimjet to examine the Internet, you can overhaul the way you work. The program can empower you to curtail the time wasted sythesis long areas, by shortening it to a lone or direct structure of words which can be made in the request box instead of the long URL.

This is a valuable component, since it infers you don't have to review long areas or confounded ones, as you can simply delegate them a word. Creating the word in the request field will open the site it was alloted with.

A tried and true and extreme Chromium-based program

The program relies upon an unclear engine from the Chromium program, while including two or three inventive features to make your scrutinizing all the all the more empowering.

To complete, Slimjet can empower you to examine the Internet, visit your most adored areas, normally download music or chronicles from YouTube or abridge certain URL addresses on the spot. You can use it to propel your work and extend your adequacy.

Slimjet 64-bit moreover joins various decisions and settings with the objective that customers can change the program to best suit their own one of a kind slant.

Brisk and Efficient

Snappier program startup, speedier page stacking, extraordinarily responsive UI controlled by industry-driving Blink engine.

Secure and Stable

Modified confirmation against phishing and malware, pushed security control decisions, capable multi-process outline.

Extraordinary and Versatile

Stacked with accommodating and competent features, Slimjet underpins every customer without relying upon external modules.

Versatile and movable

Versatile decisions and settings are available to adjust Slimjet to suit singular slant and lift productivity.

Slimjet Major Features:

  • Murder Annoying Ads with Ad Blocker
  • Turbocharged Download Manager
  • QuickFill Intelligent Form Filler
  • Totally versatile Toolbar
  • Supportive Facebook Integration
  • Youtube Video Downloader
  • Photo Enhancement and Photo Framing
  • Minute Photo Upload
  • Atmosphere Condition and Weather Forecast
  • URL Alias Support in Omnibox
  • Expansive Support for Plugins and Themes
  • Versatile New Tab Page
  • Versatile Web Page Translation
  • Versatile Options and Settings
  • Auto resuscitate page
  • Updated autofill from predefined identity information
  • Bookmarks side board
  • Quickly switch web crawler
  • Save site page screenshot
  • Versatile Tab Behavior Control
  • Stop all gif developments
  • Allow mixed mode http/https content
  • Other option to hinder work territory take note
  • Exchange clipboard picture

Furthermore Available: Download Slimjet for Mac

Download Slimjet (64-bit) Latest Version

Slimjet (64-bit) 2018 Free Download

OS : Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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